Sarah H. (Oklahoma City, OK--March, 2020)

"I've received many compliments on this fragrance. Wearing a mask at work I can still smell it on my wrist throughout the day, but it's not overpowering. Thank you for such an exquisite and classic fragrance, and for your exceptional customer service." 


Doug S. (Regina, SK--March, 2020)

"I was heading to a meeting, stopped at my mailbox, and there was a black envelope. I opened it - impressed with the packaging, label, and branding - and gave it a spray. I said out loud to myself, "Oh yeah - I need the big bottle." Man, you're onto something, this stuff is crazy good! I stopped in for a quick lunch between meetings and my friend/waitress picked up on it and was very impressed (she's also an old-fashioned lover). Looking forward to my next delivery!"


Kristen G. (North Vancouver, BC--February, 2020)

"I ordered a sample size to try, and I am in love! The combination of sweet and woodsy scents is perfect in my opinion. I have used oils for perfume before, but this lasts far longer, and makes clothes smell great! I look forward to using it for a long while!"


carboytony826 (Instagram--February, 2020)

"This is one of the most true-to-life boozy fragrances I've smelled. It's a sprayable oil and it's got the most magnificent and photorealistic scent of a fresh orange slice - the juicy inner flesh, but not the bitter zest, pith and rind. There's a hint of booziness, but very fine whiskey. Smoky oak with hints of vanilla comprise the backbone, and bitter herbs and spices play into it, from heart notes through drydown. Superb!"


Style 4 Men (, 2020)

"My first contact with the fragrance is pure and simple joy. The label states: Orange peel, vanilla, and spice. My nose identifies exactly that. It's almost gourmand! This fragrance brings me to a peaceful and happy place, it's zen and classic all at once. 

The bitter orange peel and vanilla create a creamy sweetness that is then made ever so slightly more subtle with a touch of spice. Maybe cinnamon, clove, or cardamom?

The result is delicious. It is comfortable and friendly (classic) while being original. 

This fragrance also goes beyond genders, as orange and vanilla are not locked into either camp. Orange is a sexy temptress and she loves us equally. In so many words, this is a beautiful fragrance that will appeal to a wide audience." 


Alex G. (Milton, ONT--February, 2021)

"I absolutely love this! It’s like a spicy orange that reinterprets the vibe of an old fashioned cocktail. I love the spices that you used. Old Fashioned is very original, even down to the packaging--I absolutely love the bright red wax seal! Such a nice touch! 

It truly is a fabulous scent!"


@thecavenepa (Instagram--November, 2020)

"The opening is ultra bright and citrusy, as if you were going for your first sip and the scent of the orange peel fills your nose. From there, we hit the 'mid' and a mixture of woods and vanilla, followed by spicy bitters, which are the stars of the show. The vanilla continues to swirl around the base as well. It's all very pleasant. This is not a loud scent, but a nice, masculine one that sits close to the skin. It's perfect for office wear, or nights out."


 Richard K. (Hamilton, ONT--February, 2020)

"Quick, very personable service and a wonderful, unique fragrance. Would strongly recommend."


@99bottledscents (Instagram--January, 2021) 

"Old Fashioned opens up with a loud orange note, in fact, for the first few minutes that's all my nose can perceive. Very natural orange, and one that my daughter described as 'Did you rub an orange peel on your skin?' That's how real it feels. As the fragrance progresses, a sweet vanilla enters the composition at the same time as some spices.

I like the balance that they bring as the fragrance never truly goes sweet or spicy, it floats in the middle with the orange still on top. I gotta say...during the mid (which lasts quite a while) this smells exactly like the cocktail--orange on top, sweet on the middle, spices on the bottom. On drydown the orange finally lets go a little and the slightly smoky vanilla/wood (oak) combination takes first violin. 

Performance is amazing and projection can be 'beast mode' so adjust according to your taste."


@scentthusiast (Instagram--October, 2020)

 "I am a whiskey lover, especially bourbon. I generally take mine neat, but if I am our with friends or at a restaurant I will order an Old Fashioned. This fragrance of the same name literally smells like the real thing. The smoky, woodsy, boozy whiskey--with hints of vanilla, heavy orange zest, and bitter spices--it's all there, and it is ultra REAL. 

This fragrance lasts a good amount of time, and isn't super loud, perfect for close encounters. This would work really well for night time, especially in colder temperatures. 
Honestly, this is probably the best boozy fragrance I've smelled, maybe ever, definitely the best in recent memory."  
@pri.fumo (Instagram--October, 2020)


"Its soul is a bed of aromatic spices. I smell ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg...What discerns it from an actual Old Fashioned is a creamy, woodsy, oaky barrel oiliness that comes through...Beautiful stuff!"